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Pressure Canner Rental Scheme

There is quite a buzz about pressure canning -

What is it?

Why should I do it?

How do I do it?

Maybe you worry that the food will be 'weird', perhaps it is too much expenditure for your budget, where would you keep the bulky equipment.

Well perhaps we can help - don't be put off having a go by thinking you can't - because now YUCANTM

Hire a Pressure Canner for 9 days - £70

We have listened over the months and devised a pressure canner rental scheme. With a full nine days of pressure canning hire you will have plenty of time to process your food to store and get the answers to those questions. We will deliver on a Saturday to start the hire and collect again on the Monday after the nine days are up - all inclusive in the hire price.

The price applies to UK mainland address, please contact us if you are in the Scottish Highlands or UK Islands

How it Works

You can book and pay for a 9 day rental period, here online.

Bookings are from Saturday to a week Sunday.

We'll despatch a canner, instructions, a canning tool kit, and the USDA manual on the Friday prior to your rental period for delivery to you on Saturday. The return at the end of the 9 days is organised by us for a courier collection on the Monday (or Tuesday following a Bank Holiday).

Hire a Canner Now

Go and choose your canner now -Standard (Gas/Electric) or Induction hob

  • Review the Canner Availability Calendar and Select your Dates
  • Book and Pay

Its easy and YUCANTM !

Presto 01781

The regular Presto 23 Quart Canner for use with Gas and Electric Hobs (not induction)

Check Availability

Presto 01784

The 01784 Presto 23 Quart Canner is suitable for Gas, Electric and Induction Hobs

Check Availability

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