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What Equipment do you need for Pressure Canning

Pressure Canner

Obviously to do pressure canning you need a pressure canner.

This is basically a large pan, made of aluminium or stainless steel with a special lid that can be locked onto the base to withstand the pressure during the cooking process. There is a large dial gauge on the lid, which displays the pressure achieved, there is a locking valve, and over pressure plug that will release if the canner becomes dangerously over-pressured, and then the valve that closes the steam outlet.

Most canners also come with a removable plate inside to stand the jars on as they must not be stood onto the base of the pan. It is also possible to get a three-part weight for most canners which means you do not have to continuously watch the dial to keep the pressure constant - a timer is also very useful.

A pressure canner is not the same as a pressure cooker, which does not reach the high temperatures required for food preservation.

23 Quart Pressure Canner

Information on Pressure Canner Models

Canning Tools

As well as your chosen style of jars and seals, - read more about canning jars here - there are some other pieces of equipment that are very useful.

A pair of jar lifting tongs are pretty much essential for safely lifting jars out of boiling water.

A wide-necked funnel design to ease the filling of preserving jars

Plier Tongs and Jar Lifter

Headspace Gauge & Magnetic Lid Lifter

You will also need some white distilled vinegar plus a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

Once the jars are processed and cold they will need to be labelled, either with a paper label - on the seal is best - or write in a permanent marker straight onto the seal. Keep an inventory of what you have made, how many, what size, when to use by and where they are stored. You can soon lose track of what you have and either fail to use it up or double up on making supplies.

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