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Anatomy of the Presto's 02144 Digital Pressure Canner

Presto Digital Pressure Canner Warranty

We are sorry to say that LoveJars are no longer selling the Presto Digital Pressure Canner.
There have been several customers experience terminal electronic errors with their electrical canners.
Presto's 12-month warranty does not extend outside the United States resulting is the replacement cost being borne by LoveJars.
If you are looking to buy one of these canners online we'd suggest you check the validity of any warranty from the supplier before making a purchase.

Presto Digital Pressure Canner

The first digital pressure canner that meets USDA home canning guidelines for safely processing meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and other low acid foods. It's innovative sensor holds the exact temperature required for safe pressure canning without the need for adjustments, even for pressure canning at high altitudes.

presto digital pressure canner 110 volt warning

USA v UK Voltage Warning

The Presto Digital Pressure canner operates on 110volts as used in America and is supplied with an American plug. It is not a simple case of using a travel adaptor to allow the plug to fit a UK mains socket. The UK operates at 240 volts and this will destory the canner's electrical circuits.

To be able to use the Presto Digital Canner in the UK you will need a powerful step-down transformer which converts 240 to 110volts. The transformer will need to be sufficiently rated to maintain 1500 watts over the full period of cannnng activity.

How many jars can you fit in a digital pressure canner

Jar Capacity

When using Screw Top Le Parfait Jars the Digital Pressure Canner can accommodate the following:-

  • 10 x 350ml with 2 layers of 5, or
  • 5 x 500ml, or
  • 5 x 750ml.

It cannot accommodate the 1000ml Le Parfait Jars.

presto digital pressure canner display control panel

Digital Display

The Digital LED display guides you through each step of the canning process. It's built-in timer assures accurate and reliable processing.

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