learn pressure canning at rosie's preserving school

Pressure Canning at Rosie's Preserving School

Introduction to Pressure Canning

Pressure Canning is a relatively new preserving technique to the UK, it is fast becoming a really popular solution to the long term storage of all types of food at ambient temperature. Once preserved they do not need to be chilled or frozen so it is very economic solution.
In this workshop Rosie provides a comprehensive introduction to pressure canning.

Pressure Canned Rhubarb & Orange Compote

In this workshop Rosie takes a foray into pressure canning with a recipe to preserve fresh rhubarb and delving into the history - and the exciting future - of this noble fruit.

Introduction to Pressure Canning

Capture the freshness of spring time in a jar. Take a look around and see what seasonal produce is around to make some soup to pressure can. Go along to a local market or your nearest supermarket and but what takes your fancy. Those of you with plots can use some spinach maybe, early peas, onions, maybe some baby carrots. Let's make it up as we go along - the essence of good preserving after all. We will look at stock-making as well and examine why it is worth the bother.

Pressure Canning Bolognese

Time to move on to pressure canning meat. This is where the diversity of possibilities really opens up and the realisation that it is possible to preserve enough food to become self-sufficient. There are a few more techniques to think about but it is not difficult and it is so useful. No more phoning for a takeaway or dashing to the chippy - you can still do this of course but not because the cupboard is bare.
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